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My method of ACP encourages clients to "marry" their real life values, beliefs and wishes for care as they near end of life to the medical –model of the “Living Will” standard checklist.
  • During a session the clients and I will discuss
    • The person's current health issues
    • Gaps in their knowledge base, if any
    • Client's goals for themselves and others, even that difficult person
    • Values that guide choices for care at end of life, through simple exercises
    • Resources that may help one to have quality of life and end of life
    • Ways to succinctly ask healthcare providers about one's disease processes
    • Identify a surrogate, assess for need for training in the role and responsibility
  • Advance care planning helps
    • Improve client's physical symptoms of depression.
    • Increase client's beliefs that physicians understand their preferences.
    • Increase client's beliefs that healthcare providers care more.
    • Better prepare patients and families for death.
    • Lessens the burden on loved ones
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