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Professional Training

ACP Professional Training Objectives

Advance Care Planning is best done when one's values and beliefs are joined with the clinical information and relevant conversations prior to a healthcare crisis. The result will be all players hearing, understanding, respecting and ultimately honoring one's wishes for their end of life care.

ACP training provides a higher level of comfort and confidence in trainees. Attendees will be able to assess client’s readiness, do simple exercises that identify values and goals of care, decrease anxiety and fear, and build trust.

The focus is:

  • Identifying the client's understanding, or lack of understanding, of their physical state
  • Identifying the client's desire for more information regarding anticipated prognosis
  • Identifying possible related quality of life issues, (i.e., need for increased care)
  • Encouraging and empowering people to be involved in future medical care overall
  • Writing questions to succinctly ask healthcare providers about one's disease processes
  • Eliciting information about the client's likely future scenarios, benefits and burdens, anticipated changes in functional capabilities and need for increased levels of care
  • Community Resources for care:
    • Home health
    • Private duty
    • Durable medical equipment
    • Hospice and Palliative Care
    • Extended Care Facilities / Nursing Homes
  • Empowering all to hear, understand, respect and ultimately honor one's wishes for their end of life, care, always upholding the patient's wishes as the gold standard for the plan of care
  • Ways to engage family members who are resistant to the issues and discussions
  • Follow up support for trainees
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